Seattle-based Lijie is a classically trained pianist who spends 36 minutes on her new record, The Music Maker, shoving her substantial instrumental and vocal chops through the prism of a pop record. The result is an easy-listening, ambitious effort that demonstrates both here impressive vocal range and disciplined focus on her own ideas. The Music Maker is one of the rare local records that has no feel for indie, not a hint of folk, and no sign of the garage, influences that abound in Seattle these days. In that sense, it's refreshing that she can exist in this atmosphere, and not take talking points from it. On the other hand, this polished record sometimes flirts with piano recital territory, and could stand for a smear of the grit and soot that can be found along Ballard Avenue -- where she debuts her record at Conor Byrne, Thursday.”

Seattle Weekly (blog) by Chris Kornelis

(FOX 25/ - She is a devoted, passionate and extremely talented singer/songwriter and musician. Lijie was born in China and moved to the United States when she was five. She is currently a student at Berklee and her music career is already soaring. Lijie is also a big supporter of Berklee Beyond Borders "Project Hero," which brings music education to orphans in the Dominican Republic. April 21st, Lijie is performing at Harper's Ferry, April 22nd at Berklee and on the 23rd at the Midway Cafe. Listen to her performances on the FOX25 Morning News.”

FOX 25, Boston

Song "LA" - Runner-Up at the UK Songwriting Contest for Indie/Rock Category”

— UK Songwriting Contest

Blue - Rock/Indie Finalist”

UK Songwriting Contest

Love Me If You Can - Pop Category Finalist So High - Pop Category Finalist Bar Song - Rock Category Finalist”

UK Songwriting Contest

Roam - Pop Category Finalist Blue - Miscellaneous Category Runner Up”

— UK Songwriting Contest

Lijie's song "LA" is added to the soundtrack for "Black & Blue", an indie-film about a 17-year-old teenager girl and her tumultuous family life, and how she finds an unexpected friend at a run-down music store in Los Angeles.”

— Song "LA" is placed in film "Black & Blue"

Lijie and upcoming director DB Cheng collaborate for DB's new film "The Red Door". Three new unreleased songs will be featured in this film!”

— New music for DB Cheng's film "The Red Door"

Song "LA" is included in the documentary for "18 Mighty Mountain Warriors”

— Song "LA" in documentary in "18 Mighty Mountain Warriors"

..."It's all about her voice. It's one of those voices that catches you off guard...” - Ada Tseng

..."Like a porcelain Hummer H2, her lyrics are fragile yet forceful, echoing a heartache familiar...” - Tim O'Rourke by Tim O'Rourke